Tridosha Concept Lotus

Namaste Yogi’s and Yogin’s, We are thrilled to bring you this amazing knowledge of Ayurveda which has been carefully handed down since time immemorial. We will continue our series of classes with an informative session outlining The Tridosha Concept. This will be the 2nd in an ongoing series of classes held at the Chatham Community Center. For those of you who missed a class don’t worry this series will be ongoing and all the classes are setup to be separate topics.  This will be a theory class so just bring a laptop or a pen and something to write on. There will be a handout which will cover the main points. Join us on the inspirational and infinitely rewarding path back to ourselves. Classes will be held every Tuesday @ 6:30pm in the “Club Room” of the Chatham Community Center (702 Main Street). Cost for the class is $10 payable at the time of class.