“Give the gift of health for Christmas, a birthday or just to show you care.”

Grounding Vata


Price: $115

-Excess of thoughts, worry or anxiety?

-Difficulties in finishing or accomplishing a task?

-Lack of energy and exhausted at night?

-Dryness of (Skin,hair, constipation) and/ or pain in your body ?

Vata is related with the element air and ether in Ayurveda, unsteady as the wind by nature. Balancing excess of Vata will give a grounded sensation giving the body a body a sense of calm.

Includes: Vata Tea, Vata Churna (spices),Vata Massage Oil, Nasya Oil, Triphala,  Ashwagandha Tablets/ Powder  and Tranquil Mind Tablets.

Calming Pitta 


Price : $95

-Fiery emotions, lack of patience or easily irritable?

-Anger emotions?

-Burning sensations (stomach, skin) or excess of heat in the body?

Pitta is related with the elements of fire and water in Ayurveda,reducing the excess of fire will reduce the heat in the body, improve digestion/assimilation, reduce anger/frustration and ease the  tension associated with Pitta.     

 Includes: Pitta Tea, Pitta Churna (spices),PittaMassage Oil, Nasya Oil, Triphala and  Ashwagandha Tablets/ Powder.    

          Boosting Kapha 


Price: $137

-Lack of energy and enthusiasm or depression?

-Resistance to change or difficulties letting go?

-Excess of weight or heavy sensation in the body?

Kapha is related with the elements earth and water in Ayurveda, heavy and grounded by nature. Reducing the excess of Kapha will increase your level of energy and enthusiasm, boost your metabolism and increase the overall lightness of the body

Includes: Kapha Tea, Kapha Churna (spices), Kapha  Massage Oil, Nasya Oil, 7 Herbs Extract, Triphala, Guggul Tablets and  Ashwagandha Tablets/ Powder.

Other Baskets Available :

  Stress Relief

Insomnia or lack of sleep? Anxiety or excess of thoughts? Lack of clarity?

Stress is a significant factor in the manifestation of disease, incorporating these healing herbs in your daily routine will help your body/mind to relax, reduce worry/anxiety,while promoting increased energy and mental clarity

Price: $100

Heal Your Gut & Boost your Digestion
Cleanse your body with the Detox Kit, a gentle way to get rid of excess toxins accumulated in the body, promoting proper circulation/drainage, increasing the sharpness of the mind and increasing energy levels. You will probably shed excess weight too!

Includes: Detox tea, Psyllium & Flax Seed, Silk gloves, Tongue Cleaner, Digest Tone, Guggul Tablets and Triphala.

Price: $140

Rejuvenate and Nourish your body

Ayurveda is a way of living, rejuvenating and nourishing  your body with organic healing herbs, free of toxicity and chemicals. It will bring a pleasant sensation to your body, mind and sense organs, in a natural way.

Includes: Chyananprash Jam, Beauty Balm, Shatavari Extract, Hair Oil, Daily Swish, Womens/Mens Support Tablets & Triphala.

Price: $115

Deep Relaxation & Sleep

Lack of sleep or sleep that is not restorative is one of the most common problems in todays average citizen. This basket containing organic relaxant herbs, helps release the accumulated tension during the day, providing a deep sense of relaxation and brings calm to the mind. Get ready for natural deep sleep patterns to return.

Includes: Vata Tea, Sleep easily Oil, Sleep Easily Tablets,  Nasya Oil, Worry free Aroma.

Price: $85

Daily Routine Kit

Having a daily routine sets the pace for your entire day, bringing a sense of calm and well- being to your body and mind, while helping the body rid itself of excess toxins, nourishing your sense organs , giving you a fresh start everyday, ultimately  increasing your longevity.

Includes: Tongue Cleaner, Daily Swish,  Nasya Oil, Ashwagandha Oil  and Triphala.

Price: $85

Recover your Focus and Mental Clarity

Unable to concentrate? Difficulty to complete or achieve tasks?  Recover the focus and enthusiasm supporting all aspects of mental performance, including memory, concentration, and learning capacity. The combination of these organic healing herbs will help the body to bring back the sharpness of the mind and is useful for those prone to forgetfulness, confusion or indecisiveness;  an ideal combination for students, seniors and anyone with a mentally demanding workload.

Includes: Vata Tea,  Nasya Oil, Brahmi Oil ,Triphala and Mental Clarity Tablets.

Price: $80