I received my first Shirodhara Treatment five days ago which I absolutely loved in a beautiful environment enhanced by lovely paintings as you enter, soft colors and lighting, beautiful music. The Treatment with the oil is very healing. I have noticed several changes already. I am experiencing a deeper feeling of peace and calm and a lowering of my blood pressure from 142/83 to 110/71. I have been following Xiomy and Chris’ suggestions for dry skin brushing followed by a Vata calming oil self massage and then a shower. They had the products I needed so I could get started immediately. What a beautiful way to start the day with self care which has not been one of my fortes. I’ve needed help with that for some time and Xiomy and Chris are providing that. They also started me on a detox program that is perfect for my Vata body type with recipes for meals to support me. It is a complete program that I recommend very highly. They hold your hand from beginning to end and start you on the road to good health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually which all go hand in hand. When you follow what is best for your body type, it all flows together with grace and ease without so much effort. Chris and Xiomy have a way of making you feel like a part of their family. Thank you, thank you. With love and LIGHT  -Patricia  Conte- Nelson – Cape Cod, MA.

“You know you’ve found the right place when everything just clicks. Chris and Xiomy are more than just Ayurvedic Practitioners, they feel like family to me. I am very grateful to know them and am amazed at the ocean of knowledge they have about healing the mind, body and soul!”  -Carol Mcilvane – Cape Cod, MA.