Ayurveda means “Knowledge of Life” or “Science of Life”. This ancient system of medicine, possibly the oldest in the world, focuses on the balancing of mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda is primarily focused on prevention of disease and promotion of good health through proper diet, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing. Ayurveda does treat diseased patients but the beauty of Ayurveda is its simplicity. It simply teaches us a way of living that, if done correctly, promotes longevity and overall wellness. The U.S. categorizes Ayurveda as a form of alternative or complementary medicine.

The theory of Ayurveda is that everything in the universe is connected, living or not. Ayurveda typically treats disease as a psychosomatic disturbances, rather the belief that disease is brought on by outside factors. Health is achieved when mind, body and spirit are in harmony with the universe. Disruptions in this harmonic flow are what can lead to sickness and poor health. In Ayurveda we believe that anything that affects your physical, spiritual or emotional well-being will cause you to be out of balance with the harmony of the universe. Examples of such disruptions are negative emotions, climate changes, seasonal changes, age, injuries and even genetic or birth defects. See how bringing Ayurveda into your life can bring about profound shifts in consciousness, health and most importantly result in a happier you.