Abhyanga (Detox your full body): (60 Mins. – $95-) (90 mins. – $125) * includes 10 mins steam therapy


Oiling your body continuously according to Ayurveda is the best way to prevent, heal, remove accumulated toxins and rejuvenate your body.

Using therapeutics organic oils infused with healing herbs will bring a sense of deep relaxation and healing to your body, mind and soul. Abhyanga incorporates an aromatic combination of oils prepared with herbs warmed and blended to your “Dosha type” to restore the flow of vital energy, Prana, where it has become blocked.

Some of the befits are:

  • Remove toxins accumulated in your body (ama)
  • Improve the circulation of the whole body
  • Tone up and strength the muscles
  • Promotes a better quality of sleep
  • Lubricates the joints/bones
  • Improves digestion (agni)
  • Excellent way to reduce vata in your body
  • Builds stamina

Ayurvedic massage therapy is not only a muscle therapy, this approach is aimed at healing on a cellular level. Warm oils deeply penetrate cells and release physical, mental and spiritual toxins, therefore it is detoxifying as well as healing on a cellular level. Stress is removed from its origin which promotes self healing of the cells.