Shiro & Padabhyanga (Head & foot massage): (45 mins – $70) 

* Sudation (Steam) Therapy is an additional $15-

*25% Off 2 treatments when Combined with Muka Abhyanga, Karna Purna, Nasya or Netra Basti*

Our head and feet have many powerful energy points connected to the brain, as well as, the rest of our body. Massaging your head and feet with organic herbal oils will invoke relaxation, healing and rejuvenation for your body, mind & soul. Increasing your vitality and sense of stability while grounding your energy body. 


Head Massage


Foot Massage

This treatment will allow your body to release tension, strengthen the nervous system, improve circulation, increase your energy circulation (prana), and nourish/support the brains chemistry & hormones.

This therapy is often included with other therapies and can be added to any treatment.