There are many forms of Energy Healing ranging from various ancient traditions to present-day practices derived from modern research. One thing which remains constant is that we are all energy beings and so we can all benefit from positive energy healing work. Energy is present in everyone and everything, therefore we can be effected energetically by just about anything. The downside is, in todays fast paced world, there is a great deal of negative energy that many people encounter, in their everyday lives. In order to rid ourselves of these negative energies, restoring balance in our lives, we must learn to channel the endless supply of positive healing energy that is present in the universe. A professional energy healing does just that, it allows us to fill ourselves up with positive healing energy while discharging the negative energies accumulated from the things, interactions and people that effect our energy field. An experienced energy healer can tap into the divine healing energy present in the cosmos, or here on earth, and use it to bring the patient back into harmony. Inquiry with us about which healing or workshop would be best for you.

Energy Healing Sessions: ($65- for 30 minutes) ($110- for 60 minutes)

  • Reiki Healing
  • Psychic Healing & Reading
  • Chakra Balancing

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