This program incorporates a variety of healing modalities and experiential trainings to help you cultivate a holistic approach to finding your life in harmony. Our dynamic trainings are aimed at healing, detoxifying and transforming all aspects of your existence including:

I. Core principals of Ayurveda

  • The five elements & the tridosha concept
  • The daily routine (Dina chariya)
  • The concepts of ama & agni
  • The concept of panchakarma (detoxification therapy)
  • Sister sciences yoga & meditation

II. The gut – brain connection

  • Healing your gut, healing your brain
  • Bringing the ENT back online
  • Neuro-adaption and addiction
  • Gently detoxifying your system
  • Nourishing & rejuvenating

III. Experiential learning

  • Tapping into your creativity
  • Expressive movement/dance
  • Reconnecting with nature
  • The power of music and chanting
  • Connection using touch & eye contact

IV. The big picture

  • Living sustainably and mindfully
  • Spirituality, devotion & reciprocity
  • Manifestation & self-healing
  • Unity through community

*This program begins on Wednesday March 1st 2017, it incorporates 10 – 2 hour sessions and includes 2 renowned guest speakers.

**Cost of the program is $450 for each participant and includes and materials, rentals and activities. Save 10% when you book before 2/15/17.